Private 1 on 1 workshops are now available! I love sharing my knowledge of photography with others who are willing to learn. This is a great opportunity to pick my brain and ask me any questions about photography! Not only will you learn more about photography, you will also learn about the beautiful locations to photograph as well.

Each one-on-one session is specifically tailored to fit your needs as a photographer. Depending where you're at in skill level, I will design a personalized lesson plan to help you improve your photography. Each workshop also includes an in person post processing tutorial. Listed prices are baseline prices and are subject to change based on certain locations or special requests.

Offered in all private workshop sessions:

- The option to decide the location of the workshop (I'm more than happy to help you decide on a location as well!)

- Location scouting & planning (I will scout locations to ensure best conditions and compositions)

- Help with camera settings, composition and gear

- Personalized lesson plan tailored for you 

Sunset or Sunrise Workshop

Mt. Hood

All Day Workshop

Fall Frames

- One sunrise or sunset session

- One hour post processing session

Cost: $200

- One sunrise session

- All day shooting (Option for multiple locations)

- One sunset session

- 2 hour post processing session

Cost: $450

Any questions, concerns or inquiries? Please email me at:

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